musical instruments

To find the right musical instruments for you, you must start by trying different musical instruments such as guitar, drums, piano, sousaphone, djembe, timpani, double bass. You will be able to feel the instrument and find out which one is right for you.

  • If you want to join one of the orchestras of a school or a group, you will be asked first of all what is the musical instrument you know how to play. If you do not know how to play any instrument, you will certainly have to go through a theoretical and practical period that will guide you to the instrument that best suits your personality and your mental and physical abilities.
  • To try a musical instrument, go to a musical instrument shop and try different instruments. Some sellers will not let you try all the instruments, but in other stores (quiet days) you will be able to communicate pleasantly with the salesmen and to introduce you to different techniques.

Explore the possibilities

If you plan to start playing music at a school or university, you will have to adjust to the pace and standards of the school. In most schools, you need to study music theory and music theory in order to communicate with other musicians. If you play an instrument, it will be much easier, no matter what instrument you play and especially when you play music.

  • Sometimes you will not be able to choose the musical instruments. If the school orchestra needs cellists and you play the flute while this section is full, you may need to reorient yourself, but that has a good side: you have the opportunity to learn a new instrument of music! In Cuban music schools, students learn 3 instruments: piano for polyphony, percussion for rhythm and a monophonic instrument such as sax or violin for expression. Yes, Cuban musicians are generally very good

Have an open mind

musical instruments

Maybe you thought you were going to be Charlie Parker’s or Keith Jarrett’s emulator, but unfortunately, the orchestra you’d like to join already has 8 saxophonists and 5 pianists (and only one piano). Good. Take things as they come and take this opportunity to learn how to play a new instrument such as the triangle or the fife!

Observe yourself in a mirror

If you measure 1m45, the tuba is probably not the first instrument you should try and if you exceed 1m 80 and have gigantic hands, the double bass could be a good choice!

  • If you are a child and your teeth are still not all fallen, wind instruments can cause you problems. However, it will get better with time
  • When you have small hands or small fingers, the bassoon may not be the first instrument you should select. Try an instrument that does not require long fingers.
  • In some cases, dental devices will cause you problems playing certain musical instruments. Even if this is the case, remember that you will not wear them all your life.

Choose the instrument you like

Play with love

Listen! Listen to your favorite musicians, listen to the radio, listen to music on the Internet, listen, listen, listen! To play music, you must first learn to listen, with attention, passion, and concentration.

  • When listening to music, which instrument attracts you the most? Do you pay attention to the synth? On the guitar? Trombone? Try to determine the instrument that attracts you the most.
  • Do you like to stir your arms like crazy while trying to play the drums? In this case, you are certainly predestined to play percussion! Do you try to scratch imaginary strings in front of your muscular belly? If you do this, you should probably try playing guitar or bass.

Do not complicate your life

Well, let’s be pragmatic (even if good musicians never are). Imagine that you live in a 10 m2 apartment in the middle of a city and that your neighbors do not really like Uzeb’s guitar solos, which so delight you. What to do? If you really want to become a metal drummer, you will have to go to rehearsal rooms to be able to have fun with your musician friends, because in your room, you will have to use pads (plastic toms) in order not to prevent your neighbors to sleep, because they have a job! Group. If you play the piano, you can play all night on a digital piano with a headphone, what luck!

Make up your mind!

Life is made of decisions. Every day, you must make choices that will influence your present and especially your future. One day or another, you will have to decide and select an instrument. Do not worry, if you change your mind, it’s absolutely natural. You can start playing a musical instrument by renting it in an instrument shop and you can try several of them before you decide!

  • To choose the musical instruments you will learn to play, let yourself be carried by your feelings. If you dream of playing piano like Yuja Wang, do not try to play the saxophone or the cello.
  • If, after playing musical instruments for some time, you do not feel comfortable with it, try playing an instrument belonging to another family. A wind instrument, strung, percussion. Be bold and try every opportunity to find out what suits you best. It’s not because you can not play one instrument well that you will not be able to play another one!