musical instruments

By learning to play musical instruments, you will transform your life! Whether you want to learn how to play an instrument to set up a group, for your pleasure or because you have to do it for school, you will be able to enjoy unimaginable joys. It can be difficult to choose the instrument that suits you or with which you have the most affinity because the technique and sensitivity are not identical to play the guitar, the piano, the battery or saxophone.

Learn the Piano


Musical Instruments
Musical Instruments Piano

To begin, the piano is a good choice, because you can view the notes and they are easy to reproduce at first because you only have to press the keys while sitting. Whatever your age, the piano is an excellent basic choice and this instrument allows you to play many styles of music alone or with other musicians. Once you know how to play the piano, you can point to one of the following musical instruments (you can also start with one of these instruments):

  • The Accordion
  • The organ
  • The harpsichord
  • The synth
  • Harmonium

Learn the guitar



Whether you like death metal or classical music, the guitar opens the doors of different musical styles. Very popular in all countries of the world, the guitar is a versatile musical instrument easily transportable and you can play without getting bored as well alone as with other musicians. You can opt for a classical guitar with nylon strings, an acoustic guitar with metal strings or an electric guitar to charm your neighbors with the solos of Satriani or Santana. When you know how to play the guitar, you can point to one of the following instruments:

  • The mandolin
  • The bass
  • The Banjo
  • The Harp
  • The dulcimer

Learn a classic instrument.

One of the most popular musical instruments in the world of classical music is the violin, but there are many other instruments that will allow you to play chamber music, in a symphonic or philharmonic orchestra, in a quartet or even duet. Nowadays, the violin is also widely used in folk, folk and rock music. Some instruments are not very popular, but you do not necessarily want to do like everyone else and who knows, you may be the next Yo-Yo Ma. Among the instruments considered as classic, you will find:

  • The violin. In the world of stringed musical instruments, the violin can be considered as the solo instrument. Easily transportable, you can play in all circumstances and it has a very extensive register. It also allows you to play music with an expression that you get with few other instruments.
  • The viola. A little bigger than the violin, the viola sounds warmer and deeper than its little brother. Much less common than the violin, the viola may suit you, but you must have enough hands and long arms to play.
  • The cello. The cello is a much more cumbersome musical instrument than the viola or the violin. To play the cello, you must be seated and place the instrument between your legs. The cello cannot reach the high notes of a violin, its notes are serious, very hot and powerful. It allows you to play with a very high sensitivity.
  • The double bass. The double bass is the instrument of the family of stringed instruments to produce the lowest notes. In orchestras and chamber music, he plays with a bow and (very rarely) with a plectrum to perform pizzicatos (very short notes). The double bass is very often used in jazz bands. The jazz bassist plays mainly with the fingers and rarely with a bow.

Choose a wind instrument

To play a wind instrument, you must have good health, because you will have to blow in the mouth or the beak with constancy. To play wind musical instruments, you must not just learn the notes, you must also learn the techniques of air management, as the breathing continues (you suck the air through the nose while blowing through the air). stuffy). Wind instruments can often be used in classical music as well as for playing jazz or popular music. One of the most played wind instruments on the planet is the saxophone, but there are others, for example, in the brass family we find:

  • The trumpet
  • The snorkel
  • The trombone
  • The Horn
  • The Sousaphone
  • The baritone

Learn an instrument of the woods family

musical instruments

The instruments belonging to the large family of woods are also wind instruments. Their design is however different because to play a copper, you will blow in a mouth while to play a wood you use (usually) a beak with a reed. This reed will vibrate and allow to create the sound so special that you can get with the woods. In the woods family you will find the following instruments:

  • The saxophone
  • The recorder, the fife or the piccolo
  • The bassoon
  • Harmonica
  • The oboe
  • The clarinet

Mark the tempo!

If the pace takes you to the guts and makes you move, percussion is certainly for you. In current music, drums and percussion have a prominent place. Imagine electronic music or rap without percussion or drums, hum … When played well, percussion is the heart of the music and will make you dance until the end of the night. Among the instruments belonging to the big family of percussion, you will find:

  • vibraphone, xylophone, and marimbas
  • Battery
  • Bells, cymbals
  • The glockenspiel
  • Bongos and congas
  • The timpani

Try new instruments

Nowadays, music creators produce original music with new sources. If you’ve traveled to Latin America, you’ve certainly seen people playing music with salvage materials, or if you’ve been to Africa, you’ve certainly met a guitarist playing Zappa on the guitar he made. even with ropes that are actually bits of wire. However, technology is giving us access to interesting tools and tools.

new musical instruments

  • Use your iPad. Oh yes! Look it in the eyes again, because your little iPad now allows you to be an accomplished musician and create pieces that you can publish on networks like YouTube to become a millionaire and have all the girls (or boys) of the planet at your feet. With an application costing a few euros, you can produce music without having to spend 50,000 euros on professional equipment.
  • Take out your old “turntables” from the drawers. To be a good DJ, it is not enough to press buttons as do many DJ’s (some very famous). You have to be creative, resourceful, run tracks and effects in real time.

Play an exotic instrument

Apart from the piano, the guitar, and the instruments we all know, there is an impressive amount of musical instruments that are little known and yet that can give you immense pleasure and allow you to explore the musical world while expressing your deep emotions. For example, you can try to play:

  • guqin (a stringed instrument of Chinese origin)
  • of the erhu (a 2-string instrument)
  • dulcimer
  • sitar
  • of the bagpipes
  • koto
  • of the English horn
  • ukulele
  • of the ocarina
  • of the Chinese violin
  • pan flute
  • fife
  • Whistle
  • from the queue
  • drum
  • bugle
  • of the triangle
  • timbales
  • piccolo
  • acoustic bass